Front 9

Hole 9 – Captain’s Shield

Captain’s Shield Hole 9 COURSE GUIDE Par 4 303 Yards Hazard: Fescue Playing this hole The captain’s shield is where your aim should be. Careful not to get into the fescue on the front right of the green. << Prev … Read More

Hole 8 – Sherley’s Luck

Sherley’s Luck Hole 8 COURSE GUIDE Par 3 215 Yards Hazard: None Playing this hole Hit it straight, long, and maybe say a little prayer. This might be the toughest par 3 you’ll ever play. << Prev Hole Next Hole … Read More

Hole 7 – Perrytale

Perrytale Hole 7 COURSE GUIDE Par 3 142 Yards Hazard: None Playing this hole All shots have a tendency to run to the left when they land. Make a great shot on this hole and you’ll be able to tell … Read More

Hole 6 – Badger Dam

Badger Dam Hole 6 COURSE GUIDE Par 3 110 Yards Hazard: Water Playing this hole Located on the second of the two water dams. Keep it out of the water and attack the right side of the green. << Prev … Read More

Hole 5 – Owl Horn

Owls Horn Hole 5 COURSE GUIDE Par 4 350 Yards Hazard: None Playing this hole Hit straight and keep it on the left edge to set up for the best approach shot on this 90 degree dog leg. << Prev … Read More

Hole 4 – Saddledome

Saddledome Hole 4 COURSE GUIDE Par 4 240 Yards Hazard: None Playing this hole Aim for the #4 on the top of the pole, it is located on the centerline of the green. Careful not to go too far left … Read More

Hole 3 – Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck Hole 3 COURSE GUIDE Par 4 254 Yards Hazard: None Playing this hole A well hit tee shot could set you up for your first chance at an eagle. Attack this green. << Prev Hole Next Hole >> Download … Read More

Hole 2 – Easy Money

Easy Money Hole 2 COURSE GUIDE Par 3 135 Yards Hazard: None Playing This Hole This downhill shot looks easy, but be careful landing towards the left of the green. Stay to the right on this one. << Prev Hole … Read More

Hole 1 – Heckle Hill

Heckle Hill Hole 1 COURSE GUIDE Par 3 150 Yards Hazard: Water Playing This Hole This elevated green is deceiving. Avoid the water and shots to the right. Tee shots ending up to the left can be salvaged at times. … Read More